Advanced Technology

Emerging Technologies Help Us Improve Diagnosis and Treatment

Dr. Boudreaux and his surgical staff are dedicated to providing patients with the finest care possible through advanced dental technology. Utilizing various innovative technologies in their office ensures early and accurate diagnosis and innovative treatment options for optimal outcomes.

iTero Digital Scanning/Imaging

Dr. Boudreaux‘s office employs iTero digital imaging and scanning technology to capture precise digital impressions of implants. This eliminates patient discomfort and significantly reduces appointment times. The accuracy of digital impressions also ensures a more accurate fit for restorations, leading to superior esthetics and long-term success.

Platelet Rich Plasma & Leukocyte Platelet Rich Fibrin (PRP & L-PRF)

Effective and comfortable wound healing is essential, particularly when infection or invasive surgery is involved. PRP and L-PRF can improve wound healing processes and minimize the risk of complications such as bone necrosis. This advanced technique promotes faster healing and enhances overall treatment outcomes for dental and surgical patients.


Dr. Boudreaux relies on Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) scans for enhanced radiographic imaging. This technology allows for visualizing dental anatomy in three dimensions, providing incredible detail and accuracy. CBCT scans have become the gold standard in dental imaging, enabling Dr. Boudreaux to plan and execute treatments with precision and confidence.

Encode Healing Abutments for Implants 

Achieving the perfect fit for implant restorations is crucial for long-term success. Dr. Boudreaux utilizes Encode Healing Abutments to streamline the impression process. These abutments allow for virtual 3D orientation of the implant at the gum level, minimizing chair time and ensuring accurate impressions.  Studies also show reduced bone dive-back at the implant collar with encode abutments vs standard impression posts.  The result is a seamless restoration process and superior long-term outcomes for patients.

In-Office Lab for Hybrid Prosthetic Conversion

Our office boasts an in-house lab for fabricating and converting hybrid prosthetics, offering patients the convenience of “teeth in a day” treatments. This innovative approach allows patients with compromised teeth to walk into the office and leave with a fixed, beautiful, temporary hybrid restoration. Dr. Boudreaux can restore each patient’s smile without a lengthy wait by eliminating the need for multiple appointments and external labs.

Bone Morphogenetic Protein (BMP)

Bone Morphogenetic Protein can stimulate new bone formation in complex cases requiring bone regeneration. This bioactive substance accelerates the healing process while enhancing &  quickening bone density, providing a viable solution for patients with compromised bone structure. BMP use improves the success rate of dental implant procedures without requiring bone grafting for many patients.

Stem Cells

Stem cells hold immense promise in tissue regeneration, offering a revolutionary approach to repairing and replacing damaged tissues. The stem cells in the pulp of extracted, healthy teeth can be harvested and cryopreserved for the patient’s future use in treating various diseases.

By leveraging advanced technologies, Dr. Boudreaux is redefining the standard of dental and surgical care in their practice. From digital imaging and PRP therapy to CBCT scans and in-office prosthetic fabrication, every aspect of their approach aims to deliver superior outcomes and patient satisfaction.

To learn more about how advanced and emerging dental technologies can improve your oral surgery results, contact Southern Oral & Facial Surgery at New Iberia Office Phone Number 337-560-0131.