Patient Testimonial

Dr. Boudreaux's office runs like a well-oiled machine.(Does that sound corny?) lol Well it's true! Everyone knew their job, everyone worked together to get my surgery underway and get me back home! The staff was friendly, personable and professional. They knew all the answers to questions about the procedure I was about to undergo. I am always very nervous about a dental visit, but I must admit, their confidence and obvious skill eased my fears within minutes. Then I met Dr. Boudreaux, and I knew I had chosen the perfect doctor! He was kind,easy to talk to,interested in what I had to say and patiently explained what he would be doing. The whole procedure was painless and amazingly quick. Later that day, when I was snug at home, Dr. Boudreaux called to see how I was doing. My hubby answered the phone, told him I was doing well. He reminded my husband that should I have any problems he has a 24 hour answering service, call if necessary. We were very impressed with the concern he expressed for his patients. It's the little things like this that make a great doctor, and he is, without a doubt, a great doctor!

- Brenda M

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