Patient Testimonial

I struggled with pain from my wisdom teeth for quite some time, and due to the "horror" stories I've heard from people, I was extra nervous about having the procedure done to remove them. I did my research, and came across Dr. Boudreaux by Google searching, and carefully reading reviews. I had had enough of the pain late one SUNDAY night, it was around midnight, I decided to schedule an appointment through their website, by 8am the next morning I had received a phone call, to set up a consultation for the VERY next day. I had the convenience of scheduling my surgery when it would best suit me. Mind you, it has been 12hours now since I had the procedure done, as I sit here and write this review, I have had 2 pain pills since, and that's only due to jaw pain. I HIGHLY recommend Dr. Boudreaux to anyone needing their wisdoms removed, as well as any other services he may offer. Wonderful doctor, and incredible staff.

- Brittany M

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