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Southern Oral & Facial Surgery New Iberia & Lake Charles

“Wow, well first I want to say thank you for seeing me as a patient.  I also want to say thank you & your staff for being so professional yet considerate.  The girls in the back are exceptional !  What a great experience.”

-Mickie C.

“Dr. Boudreaux & his staff took such good care of me last week during my dental surgery.  I barely felt any pain after the procedure.  Great job.”

-Camille L.

“If you ever need an Oral Surgeon you really need to see Dr. Boudreaux. He took over for Dr. Alexander when he retired. Dr. Boudreaux and his staff are, wonderful, kind, caring, gentle, and explain all of your options to you in a language you can fully understand. Dr. Boudreaux himself even calls you after 5 pm on his way home just to check up on you. I rate them 20 out of 5 stars! Oh I went in just for a consultation, but because I was hurting, he and his staff stayed just to take care of me on Friday of all days. I deeply appreciate them.”
– Russel B.

“Dr. Boudreaux is extremely patient & compassionate doctor. His staff is absolutely wonderful! “
-Tina R.

“Dr. Boudreaux has treated multiple family members of mine & never disappointed. Great service, absolutely amazing !! I give him a 900% score on a 100% scale”
-Scott S.

“Dr. Boudreaux has restored my faith in the dental profession after a series of horrible and costly experiences. He is so compassionate and knowledgeable. He is simply the best. I cannot express my satisfaction enough for the care I received with him.”
-Christy F.

“I really feel like Dr. Boudreaux has changed my life significantly for the better, after I received my first dental implant. No more worries! I can’t express my thanks to him & his staff enough.”
-Similan C.

“Thank you for being the best oral surgeon I have ever come across. Not only did my procedure go beautifully without problems, but Dr. Boudreaux also called me at the end of his day to check on my progress. He honestly made my week. I can’t say thank you enough!”
-Ajia G.

“My experience at Dr. Boudreaux’s office was extremely pleasant. The staff and doctor were just so nice & personable. They really eased all my surgical fears & the procedure went great.”
-William P.

“Every staff member was extremely professional, courteous, & helpful. I can’t thank Dr. Boudreaux enough for the care he put into my surgical work. My experience at his office was definitely a positive one!”
-Jennifer B.

“I want to praise your office for an excellent job you did on my surgery. I had my wisdom teeth removed, & the same afternoon I was well on my way to a quick recovery. Your staff did a truly incredible job of calming me before my surgery, as I was more than a little nervous. Thank you for the wonderful experience I received while in your care!”
-Ollie T.

“Everyone in the office was extremely polite & nice. I simply could not ask for a more pleasant experience that what I received at your office for surgical care.”
-Louis L.

“You and your staff made me feel so special while in your care. Thank you so much for such a fine job on the surgery & caring so much for my well-being. P.S. – Phenomenal job with my extremely difficult IV stick!”
-Carolyn D.

“I love Dr. Boudreaux & his staff. His office is modern & state of the art. The staff knowledge made a smooth experience. Dr. Boudreaux even called at 9:15pm the day my daughter had her procedure to check on her. Wow, I’m extremely impressed & would HIGHLY recommend him to everyone. Thanks again for your professionalism, it was quite refreshing!”
-Kristi L.

“Great staff & wonderful doctor. Would definitely go there for treatment again.”
-Stephanie M.

“I think they are the best. They took care of my son when he needed some dental surgery work. The office is neat & clean. I would go there any-day!”
-Stacy B.

“I was totally impressed & reassured by the professional demeanor of Dr. Boudreaux, as well as the professionalism of his staff. No one wants to undergo oral surgery, but I would gladly & confidently return to his office again for any future surgical needs.”
-Albert F.

“My experience at Dr. Boudreaux’s office was truly the best service I have every received at any medical professional’s office!”
-Chris M.

“I recommend that Dr. Boudreaux keeps doing whatever it is he is doing, because my experience was amazing! I had a recent procedure performed, & had ZERO pain afterwards. I truly thank Dr. Boudreaux & his staff for taking care of me. I highly recommend him to anyone else needing Oral Surgery.”
-Stephanie W.

“Dr. Boudreaux & his warm and friendly staff made my visit & surgical procedure such a pleasure. Thank you so much!”
-Sue T

“I want to thank Dr. Boudreaux & his staff for the absolutely painless procedure I had done recently. He even took the time later that afternoon to make a phone call to me, in order to check on my recovery. Wow! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate him & his staff.”
-Nita V

Dr. Boudreaux and is staff are AMAZING !!!! Your staff is the sweetest group of healthcare providers I have ever come across. I definitely recommend his office to anyone needing oral surgery care.
-Chris B.